Matabungka Falls of Paete, Laguna

After I reached the Tatlong Krus on the peak of Mt. Humarap, I quickly made my way down to the Matabungka falls (locals simply call it as “tàlon“) which is just on its slopes. Hmm, I wonder what tabungka is. Anyway, from the peak of Mt. Humarap, I just descended and followed the stairs that lead me to the “tubigan” and the blue-colored resting place that I’ve encountered on my way to the peak of Mt. Humarap. From there, I just followed the path leading to the falls.

Matabungka Falls
This is the fork somewhere along the way up to Mt. Humarap as viewed from the tubigan/resting place. The stairs on the left leads to the peak/Tatlong Krus while the path straight ahead leads to Matabungka Falls.

It’s just a few meters away from the resting place and a zigzag of stairs will lead you down to the falls. I was at the base of the falls after a few minutes only.

Well, the waterfall was beautiful even though wrappers and cartons litter the base of it. I think the litter was irresponsibly brought by pilgrims who climbed the Mt. Humarap last week. I wish someone will clean the area. Sayang yung ganda ng talon, eh.

Anyway, feast your eyes on these pictures!:

Matabungka Falls
The water’s a little bit murky, though
Matabungka Falls
Sun-lit Falls + vintage filter 😀

Well, Matabungka falls is quite impressive. I just wish other visitors or pilgrims in the future won’t litter the place.

I proceeded to my descend down to the town of Paete after my visit to the falls. I went to the main street (I think it’s Quesada Street) of Paete and took a look around the woodwork masterpieces of its world famous carvers . I also went to a place called Wawa as suggested by a passenger I was with on a jeepney on my way to Paete. Here’s a picture of Mt. Humarap/Tatlong Krus that I took while I was in the town of Paete’s Wawa Park which is on the shores of Laguna de Bay. The Sierra Madre range, Mt. Sembrano, Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Kalisungan & Atimla with their neighboring mountains and hills, the town of Pakil and the Pakil Church which is easily distinguishable with its size and bright-red roof, the town of Longos with the large waterway pipe which has become a landmark on its own, and also the Laguna de Bay (of course) were visible from that place. I could not ask for more. 😀

Tatlong Krus, Mt. Humrap, Paete Laguna
The Tatlong Krus were visible from the low-lying Wawa Park.

After my visit in the Wawa Park, I quickly rode a jeepney back to Santa Cruz to ride a bus to Alabangand then back home to San Pedro, Laguna. Well, that’s where my Paete journey ended. 😀 And yep, I found a moment of peace in me in that trip.

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