—This is a multi-part blog post.—

Our stay in Siquijor was downright magical. Here, I’ll list our itinerary that we followed on our tour. I’ll include prices on selected things and some contact numbers too. The times are in military format.


  1. 10:00—Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3
  2. 15:15—Boarding for MNL-DGT flight
  3. 15:45—Takeoff
  4. 17:00—Arrival at Dumaguete City
  5. 17:15—Dumaguete Port; buy ferry tickets
  6. 18:00—Ship left Dumaguete for Siquijor in an incredibly slow pace 
  7. 20:00—Arrival at Siquijor port; negotiate for transpo
  8. 20:30—Dinner at Dalahican Grill in Lilo-an, San Juan
  9. 21:00—Check in at Palm Village Guesthouse 


  1. 08:45—Siquijor island tour starts
  2. 08:50—Capilay Spring Park and St. Agustine of Hippo Church (San Juan) 
  3. 09:30—Century-old Balete Tree and Spring + Mini Zoo (Campalanas, Lazi) 
  4. 10:00—Lazi Church and Convent (Lazi)
  5. 10:30—Cambugahay Falls (Lazi) 
  6. 11:30—Lunch at El Monte Restaurant (Lazi) 
  7. 12:45—Arrival at Salagdoong Beach Resort (Maria) 
  8. 2:00—Stop over at Talintingan Marker (Enrique Villanueva) 
  9. 2:30—Visit Guiwanon Spring Park (Luyang, Siquijor/Larena) 
  10. 3:20—Tour the Municipality of Siquijor; buy souvenirs, food and misc things at local market
  11. 4:30—Return to San Juan
  12. 5:00—Arrival at guesthouse; perfect time to wait for sunset
  13. Onwards—Swim, relax 😀


  1. We basically swam, did kayaking and explored the whole length of the beach the whole day and relaxed the whole evening.


  1. 08:00—Last day, have fun on the beach while you can
  2. 12:00—Check out from guesthouse 
  3. 12:30—Arrival at Siquijor Port, buy ferry tickets, lunch
  4. 14:00—Fast Ferry left Siquijor port for Dumaguete
  5. 15:00—Arrival at Dumaguete
  6. 15:30—Check in at Dastraum Guesthouse
  7. Onwards—Explore Dumaguete City (Go to the bay walk, restaurant hopping, &c.) 


  1. 06:30—Arrival at Sibulan Airport 
  2. 09:00—Departure for Manila, takeoff (late flight)
  3. 10:30—Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3.

So that’s our whole itinerary. If you’ll stay at Siquijor, I recommend that you pick accommodations on the southwestern side of the island (San Juan) so that you’ll see the vivid sunsets in their full glory. The northern coast is full of mangrove forests and although the eastern coast features beautiful beaches like Salagdoong, this area is best for sunrise watching (I’m definitely not an early-riser, so sunrises are not for me).

Many hotels, inns and guesthouses dot the whole island. We stayed at the Palm Village Guesthouse located at Lilo-an, San Juan, Siquijor. The place is beautiful and well-maintained; it’s also near from the San Juan town center and just a short walk outside are grills and carinderias (small eateries). The caretaker, Ate Maricel, as I remember, is very friendly too. I recommend this guesthouse as they have complete basic facilities, WiFi and a great beachfront. Their rates fluctuate depending on the season but prices start at PhP 1,000+. Their contact number is (+63) 09154886869.

Palm Village Guesthouse
In front of Palm Village

Of course, you’ll need a form of transportation to go around the island. In Siquijor the best choices are to rent motorcycles or to charter tricycles. You can also rent vans or simply take the public transportation. We chose to charter a tricycle for PhP 1,000.00 for a single around-the-island tour. We were glad to have Kuya Lando accompany us in our tour and repeated small visits to the local market. He’s a nice person and is very proud of his hometown. He also works as a fisherman if there are no tourists to tour around. If you would like to have him as your driver and tour guide, feel free to contact him via the number (+63) 09263649467.

Our ride in Siquijor


These are the prices/fees/fare in our trip as far as I can remember. This list excludes airfare, tip, food and other misc things:

  1. Sibulan Airport-Dumaguete Port tricycle: PhP 100.00
  2. DGT Port-Siquijor Port ferry: PhP 130.00
  3. Siquijor Port-Siquijor Juan: Php 100.00
  4. Palm Village Guesthouse, Blue Palm House: PhP 1,500.00 per day (×3)
  5. Siquijor Island tour (tricycle): PhP 1,000.00
  6. Century-old Balete tree entrance fee: 10.00 per person (×3)
  7. Salagdoong Beach entrance fee: PhP 35.00 per person (×3)
  8. Salagdoong Beach parking fee: PhP 25.00
  9. Guiwanon Spring Park: PhP 10.00 per person (×3)
  10. San Juan-Siquijor Port: Php 100.00
  11. Fast ferry Siquijor Port-DGT Port: Php 230.00 per person (×3)

So we spent more than ~Php 6,250.00 or roughly ~USD 125.00 for our family vacation. You can visit more places if you have plenty of available time such as the Paliton and Tubod beaches, dive in marine sanctuaries, or you can visit witch doctors inland and let them do healing rituals to you. There’s also Mt. Bandilaan that you can hike—the foot of the mountain is dotted with many cave complexes where you can go spelunking as well. Have an interest in arthropods? There’s a Firefly Hatchery in San Juan and a Butterfly Sanctuary in Lazi too. If you visit during the right time of the year, you can also join Firefly Watching events and see with your very own eyes the reason why the Spaniards called Siquijor la Isla del Fuego.

    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental 

    We also managed to stay in Dumaguete overnight. We explored the lively city and I recommend you to do so too. Visit their church and park or have a stroll at their baywalk. You can also visit the Silliman University or have a taste of their local cuisine—there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you want to go shopping, there are many malls in Dumaguete as well.

    Or if you have plenty of spare time, you can visit other Visayan islands like nearby Cebu or Bohol—they’re just a fast ferry ride away! Apo Island is a great destination too where you can swim with sea turtles or dive in colorful coral reefs. 

    —This is a multi-part blog post.—