Nothing. That’s what’s been happening around me recently. Nothing worth noting. Nothing worth telling. But still:

I’ve just finished my second degree a few weeks ago. It was very tough because I was required to finish a lot of projects and modules in a very limited span of time. But thankfully all of that is done now and I’m just waiting to have another piece of paper mounted on our living room wall. Since having a collection of academic degrees is a trend here in our country and in my line of profession, I am now planning to have a third one not only to have better jobs but also to have another piece of paper mounted on our wall. Filipino family pride. Thinking about it, studying is getting more boring for me because of its repetitiveness—you go to class, read a-plenty, do requirements, pass, graduate. I’ve been doing that for almost my whole life and I’m afraid I’m going to do it in the coming years too. Yet thankfully, I’m the kind of person who forcibly sees motivation in the simplest of things and I’m surrounded with very supportive people. But seriously, it’s getting really exhausting. Will it be always like this until the end?

It still surprises me how life and fate are like waves in an ocean, taking you to and fro to directions unknown. I am really a scientist but I am nowhere near a research institution or an observatory or an advanced laboratory delving myself in piles upon piles of dissertations—I am in a college classroom talking about the earth, the stars and physics with a whiteboard marker on the right hand and a meter stick on the left. Many people I know are disappointed in what my career is right now but I don’t care, I am very well happy and content anyway. I have, in my very own hands, the chance to bring change to our society one student at a time. (Yes, I also find my sudden passion in education extremely weird but I got it from my colleagues—passion is contagious.)

Anyways, nothing really interesting has been happening in the past few weeks and classes will not start until next month. I’ve just finished reading Wagon, Chariot and Carriage and I don’t know what to do next. I’m bored. I hope it’ll already be the 5th of June tomorrow.