Besides the lessons that I have to prepare for both the secondary and tertiary levels and the tons of paper that I have to check and record, I am currently preoccupied with going to tryouts and trainings because it’s sports fest season in our school.

It’s kind of ironic because when I was a student, I never participated in any sports fest events or any kind of physically tiring and sporty activities whatsoever. Now, I am one of the main coordinators in our team (RED) and I am extremely active with everything which surprises myself and even my colleagues.

As second-in-command, I am tasked by our main team coordinator to handle the minor sports and also assist in the main/ball sports training. It’s pretty tiring because I need to get up at 3:30 am, have classes from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and then attend the trainings up until 9:30 pm. However, being with my students and seeing them having fun with our drills and activities ultimately erase the exhaustion from me.

One more thing that makes me feel happy about this sports fest is bowling. As coordinators, we are required to participate in our school’s bowling tournament. At first, I found bowling to be a boring sport. I was quite reluctant at first on attending our “secret” bowling training but I got hooked the second I first released the ball and brought down some pins. I am currently looking forward to our next bowling sessions this week.

I love being an educator and the other unexpected things that come with it.